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GREAT BUSINESS IDEAS need financial backing in order to become GREAT BUSINESSES. That's why I love working with entrepreneurs and small business owners - because by sharing my expertise I can help answer the big questions: i.e. "How will the business gain its initial funding?" Or later, after the business is up and running, "How can we boost profits? How do we obtain a second or third commercial loan?" I find my greatest value in helping my clients make informed financial decisions, and ensuring their plans are grounded in realism.

With over 20 years of experience - as Chief Operating Officer (COO), and as Chief Credit Officer (the one who decides to grant loans or not) - I understand prospective creditors. I know how they appraise risk and fundability. I have also worked extensively with entrepreneurs, small business owners and nonprofits, analyzing financials and improving cash flow for successful ventures all over the Southeastern United States.

I love what I do; I listen to business ideas, show talented people how they can achieve their financial goals, and watch my clients grow in ways they could barely imagine. I am proud to be a part of that. By working together, we improve the value proposition in the most effective way possible and knock down objectives, one after another.

I invite you to take a look around my website, and if you have any questions whatsoever, please connect on LinkedIn and contact me by phone or email. 


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