The financial workings of your business
Chart the course to greater stability and growth. 

A simple, 3-step process will shift your financial challenges into insights, recommendations and profits.   

Step 1: Discuss the business.

Our initial consultation focuses on the "big ideas" impacting your cash flows. We sit down, and I ask questions about how you make money, and how you spend it. This helps me put a story to the data. 

Your goals are also important. Do you need the business to generate more takeaway income? Are you preparing for a growth phase, or trying to weather a storm? Later, my recommendations will be based on helping the business achieve what you want and need. 


What to bring:

  • Business goals
  • Financial docs
  • Cash flows
  • Financial questions/concerns

What I bring:

  • 15 years of experience as Executive VP and COO of Financial Services Institutions 
  • Listening

Step 2: Analyze financials + research

This is where your goals and financials meet. I review all of the business facts - financials, resources and history - analyzing the data until the full story becomes clear. Along the way, I will mark down any questions, potential opportunities for cost-reductions, and investments that are failing to return the appropriate margin. It also helps to see how your competitors are responding to the same market pressures.


What I bring:

  • MBA from Emory's B-School
  • 20+ years of experience analyzing business financials
  • An in-depth understanding of your concerns and goals

Two of the most common questions: 

1. What do I need to focus on to make more money?

2. How can I grow revenues without sacrificing profitability?

Step 3: Present findings + collaborate

Having worked as an executive for financial institutions in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast, I have seen countless strategies succeed and fail. I know what works, and what does not. When we sit down and I present your business' detailed financial picture, we take a close look at where the most potential is being met, and what areas are not performing like they should. We look at techniques that competitors are using successfully, which might help you achieve your goals. My presentation is designed to give you plenty of great ideas, and then we collaborate on strategies moving forward. 

And my door is always open. Many of my clients like to check in periodically and review how performance measures against goals.  


What to bring:

  • An open mind
  • Business partners + key influencers

What I bring:

  • Achievable business advice based on your financials and market
  • Years of coaching + consulting experience