“I had always wanted to be in this place where I could open a brick & mortar restaurant, but when I started meeting with Linda, the company was not in a state where we could get a loan. So with Linda’s help we made it our goal to increase our cash flow. There were a couple of things we needed to work on, and she helped us stay on track with those goals in mind. Then when we had met those goals, she advocated for us and helped to secure our loan! It was definitely our hard work, but Linda kept us focused on the right targets to achieve the next level.”

Dawn Hall

“Three years ago, my finances were all over the place. Linda spent from nine in the morning ‘til three in the afternoon going through everything in the spreadsheet. She taught me so much about how to read a financial statement just with that. She’s helped me get better loans with banks, and we’re shooting for an SBA loan in the future. There’s always that next step.”

Carla Carson

Linda helped us complete a buyout this last summer, which we were worried about because the other couple that co-owned with us were friends. But she really helped make that transition smooth by giving us objective advice and recommendations. She gave me the numbers and the verbal tools to explain to our partners how we were not only buying the assets of the company, we were also taking over the full terms of the debt load. Linda was also able to work with their loan folks to explain that, as well. So we achieved a more reasonable cost, and everyone was very agreeable to the terms we ended up signing.”

Chad Wimpy

Linda_chad logo 3.jpeg

“The question to ask is: How much do you value your business? A lot of people look at consultants as expenses, and it’s truly an investment that you make to make your business better.”

Aysha Cooper

“I’ve had financial consultants who would give me information but never anyone who has helped my practice like Linda. Linda has consulted with me on my financials for two or three years now, helping me get my numbers up so that I can achieve what I want to achieve. She is friendly and open, informative, and very motivated to help. Her personality really adds to what she does, and what she does has been significant in terms of sales volume and profit percentage, always keeping me motivated to do what I can.”

Ardina Pierre

“Linda's experience as a banker and in working with other non-profits like ours puts her in a unique position. Because of her background in banking, she has really helped me translate the banking industry lingo, if you will, and make sure that I’m responding to requests for information appropriately. Linda is very personable, and it’s easy to work with her and to ask questions. She’s always willing to call on her associates’ network both inside and outside of finance. So she is helpful across the board.”

Dana Johnson
President and CEO

“Linda has helped one of my restaurants move its gross profit margin from below our industry average into benchmark performance. Now I’m looking to buy out the owners of the remaining 50% of one of my restaurants, and she’s done a fantastic job of guiding me through that process. She’s literally been invaluable to me. I trust her and very much value the impact she has had on my business.”

Deb Rowe
Restaurant Owner & Operator


The Recession hit us pretty badly, and we took on a lot of credit card debt. Linda helped me understand that the debt wall was not the best way to do it, but it kept the doors open and now we needed to pay it off. We paid off the biggest one last month, and that was the best feeling I’ve ever had.”

Melissa Loggins
President and CEO


“Since I started working with Linda, there’s been a change in me. I’m more focused. You know when you look at your numbers, and you look at them consistently, you get tired of looking at the same thing real quick! Linda has helped me get myself in gear and move my business forward.”

Tennille Carter